Welcome To Orphancorp



Winner of the 2015 Seizure Viva La Novella Prize | Winner of the 2016 Victorian Premiers Literary Award for YA Fiction

Shortlisted for an Aurealis Award, the Norma K Hemming Award and the NSW Premiers Award

A sharp-edged semi-futuristic riff about a rebellious teenager’s last week at an industrial orphanage.

‘Takes all of your dystopian nightmares and connects them to a mother lode of pure emotional intensity. There’s so much keen detail here about the cruel logic of oppressive institutions, you’ll feel Mirii’s yearning for freedom in your bones – and you’ll rejoice at every tiny moment of escape that she achieves. Welcome to Orphancorp is harrowing, scarily real, and ultimately super moving.’ – Charlie Jane Anders (i09)

‘Punchy, crunchy, sexy and smart, Welcome to Orphancorp is a short, sharp shock of a story with bruised-but-not-broken characters and a bonsai dystopia you can actually believe in. Marlee Jane Ward is a writer of heart and passion, muscle and slow-burning anger.’ – Ian McDonald

‘Welcome to Orphancorp is an intimate, heartfelt story set in the darkest of places. I can’t stop thinking about these characters.’ – Kij Johnson

‘An object lesson in how to dehumanise young people by locking them up and depriving them of all warmth and care – has never been more timely. This gritty, greasy story is peppered with violence and lit with the slenderest shafts of affection and hope. It will make your jaw clench with fear for the indomitable Mirii Mahoney, and your fist punch the air at her every tiny victory.’ – Margo Lanagan

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Having barely made it out of Orphancorp alive, Mirii is on a mission to find the most important babe in her life, Vu. Vu has been taken to ‘Psynode’, a secret facility operated by the megacorp Allnode.

After wrangling her way into the Allnode warehouse as a picker, Mirii meets Rowe, the daughter of one of Allnode’s execs, who may just be the perfect person to help her with the mission. But life at Allnode is far from cushy and Mirii has to battle her way through the dangers of her new job, the corps that she knows are watching her and get to Vu before it’s too late.

Fast-paced, gritty and original, Psynode follows on from Welcome to Orphancorp, winner of the 2016 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Young Adult fiction and confirms Marlee Jane Ward as one of Australia’s best YA authors.

 ‘A slick technopunk thriller from one of the most exciting writers in science fiction today.’ – Jay Kristoff, Author of Illuminae and Nevernight.

‘Mirii is no chosen one – she’s the one who does the choosing, exuding her own personal brand of optimism and radical survivalist future vision. A veteran of Orphancorp, she’s nobody’s fool, but being able to perceive with dexterous clarity has not dampened her human spirit. Her power comes from inner incandescence, an essential element for surviving this claustrophobic dystopia. Marlee Jane Ward’s prose contains dark energy. Psynode is a worthy follow up to Orphancorp. Sharp, sassy and full of snark – most definitely well deserving of attention.’ – Cat Sparks, author of Lotus Blue.
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