On Fallow Periods

A writer who doesn’t write: on fallow periods.   I’m not so writey at the moment. In fact, I’m staring at the cursor for this article, waiting for the right words to come. I’m in a bit of a creative fallow period right now – a miserable time… Read More

Tools Of The Word Trade

Way back in the day (like, last year), when I got an idea for a story I’d open a black word document, rename it (‘The Amazing Adventures of Some Weirdo Chick in Another Trite Dystopian Future!’) and start writing. Right away I’d let this huge flood of words… Read More

One of ‘The Fears’: Wasted Potential and the Well Running Dry

I get ‘The Fear’ from time to time. Not as often as before, (which is fucking great by the way) but often enough for it to still hold some sway over my life. There are so many different variants of ‘The Fear’ to choose from, but the one… Read More