To the Clarion West class of 2016

  To the Clarion West class of 2016, Herly shit, guys, you’re in week 2 already. It goes so fast. Doesn’t it go fast? I should know because my class was two years ago and I still can’t believe it’s over. Here’s some stuff I learned there, and… Read More


Every morning I open a ‘New Post’ for this blog and sit for a moment, staring at the cursor blinking. I don’t think it’s that I have nothing to say, more that I have nothing… coherent to say. It’s all a jumble right now. I’m having fun, frustration… Read More

Shame: On sometimes being a total shit

Shame is a weird thing. I don’t have a lot of it, mostly in regards to my stellar karaoke efforts, my naked body in various public spheres and all that crazy sexy nonsense I can get up to but totally wont go into here (let’s hang out and… Read More

The Rules

I’ve been doing half hour yoga Youtube videos in my lunch breaks off and on for the last three or so years now (here are some of my favourites!) Since my neck buggered up and I lost my ability to do most exercise apart from yoga, I’ve been… Read More

It’s all just choices…

I’m starting to feel like maybe I’m on an upward swing. Or at least I’m at the vertex of the parabola: I’ve fallen, collected the slack and am about to start back up again.  It’s a good feeling, like I can see a little bit past everything that’s… Read More

Progress Report: Sorta, kinda, perhaps maybe a little bit less awful.

I woke up this morning feeling less like the worst, most awful person on the face of the earth. Like, maybe still top ten, but not THE worst. I’ll take that. So, how did I accomplish this amazing feat of waking up and not feeling like throwing myself… Read More

Bleh on the Blog: Blogging from all the way down here…

Being miserable is really boring. There are really only so many ways you can say ‘I feel shitty,’ before people get the picture. But when that awful feeling pervades your every waking moment, it’s kind of hard to stop finding new ways to verbalise and floridly describe the… Read More