The Shining Girls

I finished Lauren Beukes’ The Shining Girls a few weeks ago, but have been too busy with various life junk (Writing a novel! Dating! Exploring new and giggly dimensions! Being a complete fucking nutcase despite all  good shit I’ve got going on! Having tantrums when I don’t get… Read More

Blackout and All Clear by Connie Willis

I finally finished the two-part time travel series Blackout/All Clear by Connie Willis today. My reading of these two books was a little disjointed due to the double calamity that I now refer to as the “Great Kindle Debacle of 2013”. Broken and lost Kindles aside, I’m finally… Read More

The Vertical Lines of Death: RIP to my Kindle

Yesterday morning, inexplicably, I switched on my Kindle and found the screen to be obscured with a bunch of weird lines, thus rendering it utterly unreadable. Nooooooo! As you can imagine, I was pretty upset. I freaking LOVE my kindle and despite my various fears when I first… Read More

2013 Speculative Fiction Festival

I rose at an ungodly hour on Saturday morning and flew along the freeway to The NSW Writers’ Centre in Rozelle for the 2013 Speculative Fiction Festival. I took my little namecard from the desk (I replaced the name sheet featuring my boring ‘real’ name with my business… Read More

Hydra’s Revision of Terms

So, it seems that Random House/Hydra has, after a veritable internet shitstorm, revised its contract terms for its new E-book imprints. Fuck yeah! People power! The little guy wins! …or not. Or kinda? Basically, now the author can opt to take a ‘profit-sharing deal’, which is similar but… Read More

Growing Up With Vampires

Here’s a really shameful secret I have – while I spent a large portion of my youth reading awesome Aussie YA (Isobelle Carmody! Gillian Rubenstein! Victor Kelleher! John Marsden!) I also read a whole lot of really awful shit. Sweet Valley High and Babysitters Club books being the… Read More

Iron Winter

I just finished reading the third instalment in Stephen Baxter’s Northland series, Iron Winter. I haven’t read a great deal of Alternate History type novels, and when I started this series I didn’t realise that it would evolve into this genre. What started with one woman trying to… Read More

Cloud Atlas (the novel, not the movie)

Cloud Atlas. Where do I start? So at first I started reading and was getting into the story when the narrative was cut off and replaced by another…and then another. And each was SO different that I’d struggle to adjust and I’d wonder what on earth was going… Read More

Plague Series

I finished reading Jeff Carlson’s Plague series not too long ago. Plague Year, Plague War and Plague Zone comprise a post-apocalyptic/scientific/terrifying future series about nanotechnology and what’s really in the nature of humans.   Plague Year details the first year after the Machine Plague as experienced by Cam,… Read More


At the moment I’m reading Plague Year by Jeff Carlson. After good clean fun with Molly Fyde (well, sort of – though, those Buckblades were totally vicious when I think about it) I decided I could handle something a little more brutal. And it is, brutal and cold… Read More