Pink Carriages & Face Palms

This morning I happened upon this article in the Sydney Morning Herald. The NSW Rape Crisis Centre in conjunction with the transport union, is proposing that Cityrail create what they are calling ‘Pink Carriages’ for women and children only on night trains in Sydney. According to the article… Read More

On impressions and giving a flying f%*$ what people think.

Yesterday I got on the train like I always do. I stood in the little crowd just outside the doors, filed on when they opened and went to head up the stairs. As I did, myself and an older man bumped into each other as we both started… Read More

Not So Quiet After All

Mornings on the Quiet Carriage on my train are a dream. Everyone’s tired, it’s early and I’d wager that all of the people who catch a train at 6.55am are doing it with a work-oriented purpose and are thus silenced with a deep, all-consuming hatred of the world… Read More

I come across as a total bitch, but I swear I’m only kind of a bitch.

I was sitting squashed between two fellow passengers on the express train home the other day when I caught sight of my facial visage in the reflective surface of the window and my first thought was, “Wow, that girl looks like a total nasty bitch.” Okay, backing up… Read More


After the heady doses of excitement and joy I felt yesterday, today I’m feeling pretty flat, miserable and distracted. It sucks because otherwise, things are going well. I’m blaming both my hormones, assorted tardiness and also my inability to keep my big mouth shut … you know how… Read More

A Day In The Life…

I was reading a blog post by coffee2words this morning and made a comment about my reading habits v.s my busy lifestyle. In listing all the things that take up my time, I realised that I’m sort of a busy person. The only time I spend reading these… Read More

The darker side of it…

I was going dive back into my usual mode of funny commuter stories, kindle chatter and sci-fi, sci-fi, sci-fi! today, but I couldn’t stop thinking about my post yesterday. Yesterday’s post was pretty light-hearted and prompted by the whole lady-wanting-me-to-read-the-receipt incident on the train on Monday.  Because often… Read More