How do I even begin with Supanova?!? ARGH, IT WAS JUST SO GOOD. Supanova is a pop culture expo held all over Australia. It’s a must for cosplayers, fans, geeks and dorks of all kinds. There’s panels, stalls, art and celebrity guests, a whole bunch of guest authors – and this… Read More

Viva La Novella 2015

I feel like every post I make these days is more ‘humble-bragging about some writing thing I have going’ and less ‘voicing my many, many thoughts and feelings to the greater public in an irresponsible fashion’. I suppose that’s a good thing. Is that a good thing? TELL… Read More

Re-Reading: Poppy Z. Brite

I love re-reading! There’s something about immersing yourself in a familiar world again, finding new aspects to an old story and visiting dear friends characters. Every so often I go on a re-reading jaunt and I write about it here, because this is my blog and if I… Read More

Empyrean Skies

Under the Empyrean Sky is a new dystopian (or, as he calls it: Cornpunk) YA novel from Chuck Wendig. Set in the US heartland, in a future overrun with a GM kind of supercorn (‘Hiram’s Golden Prolific’), the novel centres on Cael and his little band of friends… Read More

Book Thoughts: The Ocean At The End Of The Lane

There are a number of really beautiful, insightful reviews for Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean At The End of the Lane. This is not one of them. That is not to say that I didn’t love the book, because I did. It’s just that this book stirred me up… Read More


I was reading this great piece up on Robert Brockway’s blog the other day. It’s about the way that genre fiction is looked at as  ‘less’ than literary fiction. How people don’t think you can find deep meaning or profound lessons in Speculative Fiction just because it’s thought… Read More

The Shining Girls

I finished Lauren Beukes’ The Shining Girls a few weeks ago, but have been too busy with various life junk (Writing a novel! Dating! Exploring new and giggly dimensions! Being a complete fucking nutcase despite all  good shit I’ve got going on! Having tantrums when I don’t get… Read More

Blackout and All Clear by Connie Willis

I finally finished the two-part time travel series Blackout/All Clear by Connie Willis today. My reading of these two books was a little disjointed due to the double calamity that I now refer to as the “Great Kindle Debacle of 2013”. Broken and lost Kindles aside, I’m finally… Read More

Ready Player One

A friend of mine (the best Canadian I know) sent me this book as a gift, and I was super excited when I unwrapped the package  because I’d been meaning to read Ready Player One for quite a while. Ernest Cline’s much-lauded first novel is the story of… Read More

30 Days of Books: Favourite books from your childhood

It’s been a while since I answered anything from the Thirty Days of Books questionnaire. In fact, it’s been a while since I have posted anything book related at all. People who have a singular favourite thing make me suspicious. With the vast amount of awesome shit out… Read More