I’ve started a Patreon! Supporters get fresh stories, ‘zines, postcards and my endless gratitude. They also get the knowledge that they are supporting my career and helping pay for the resources to build it, and to keep putting out new stories.

Writing is hard, and it takes time. Building a career is not cheap (I could give you a list of the expenses I’ve incurred in the past year if you like!) and the average Australian author makes $12,900 a year from their writing (here’s the report into that.) I had a good year this year, but I won’t win ’em all, you know.

Right now I work part-time in a job I like, that doesn’t drive me too crazy and almost covers my bills. I prioritized writing about a year and a half ago, and because my work status is ‘casual’ I get no leave or sick-pay. BUT I have enough time to write! Earlier this year I won the Victorian Premiers Award for YA fiction, and I used the prize money to pay off my debts. I’m so lucky – I’m at zero, a clean slate. (Full disclosure: I also bought a bed and put some funds towards a trip, my first time off in over two years.) I’m incredibly grateful to be in the position that I’m in.

Now: to the future!

I’ve got so many books in my head right now: the next two installments in the Mirii Mahoney series (sequels to Welcome to Orphancorp), a new YA-ish (or YA cross-over, or NA or dark YA) series, plus a stand-alone novel for adults. I’m not a hugely established writer, but I’m setting up this Patreon to supplement my income and ease some of the stress of finances. Writing, and building a writing career takes time and costs a bunch. I’ll use these funds to invest in my career – paying costs like travel and admission (cons are a great way to connect with other writers and readers, but can be costly), for software, printing costs, promotions, website fees and similar essentials.

I believe in art and in creators.

People who make stuff with their own heads and hands and hearts are valuable and I want to support them. Art and words and songs move culture and people forward. I think creators have value. I’m one of them, and I would be so grateful for any support you can give. I put my (extremely limited) money where my mouth is by supporting as many artists as I can afford to. BECAUSE WHAT THEY DO HAS VALUE! And you know what? What I do has value too.

If you got a spare buck,  you could support me, or support your other favourite writers, or artists, or musicians. What people create has value, and in this climate (what with the potential devastation of the arts by recent cuts in funding and various holy-crap possible initiatives) they need your help more than ever.