Victorian Premiers Literary Awards

Every time something good happens with Orphancorp I feel, for a moment, like some baffled, daffy uncle, bumbling around all like, ‘who me? My book? Really?’ Not because I don’t realise the book is good. It is! It’s fun and precisely written and emotional and current and tense. It’s all those… Read More

Stuff by my friends: Inter-Exo by Julie Steinbacher

From our first frank conversation about the kind of women we were, I knew Julie and I would be friends. She’s a beautiful writer, and amazing person and I am so glad that we continue to be friends at such a distance. You’re the best, Julieface! Today, her… Read More

Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge

I saw this Flash fiction challenge on Chuck Wendig’s blog the other day and I thought I’d give it a try. This is the first time I’ve been able to get any decent words out since last week, so I was pretty proud. I kind of forgot about… Read More

Gilbert – Muse Wars Round Three

It took me forever to think of something to write for this round of The Muse Wars, but I finally came up with something. Let me know what you think!   Gilbert It ended when the dog told me he was moving out. – Well really, it started… Read More

Muse Wars 2 – Planet Pizza

So, it’s time for the second installment for the Muse Wars from Lori’s Blog. When she posted this picture I was really unsure as to how I could work pizza into a short Speculative story. I thought about maybe actually setting the piece in the real world for once,… Read More

Write Everyday

When I started this blog (what was it, several days ago now?) it was with renewed purpose. I’d blogged before, but like so many things in my life, I’d lost interest, letting those blogs go untouched and wither over time. This time, I wanted it to be different.… Read More