On Fallow Periods

A writer who doesn’t write: on fallow periods.   I’m not so writey at the moment. In fact, I’m staring at the cursor for this article, waiting for the right words to come. I’m in a bit of a creative fallow period right now – a miserable time where I spend more time scrolling through… 

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A launch and new fiction


Heya babes. I’m in a bit of a misery pit because yesterday someone rear-ended me and wrote off my car. I loved my car – it was my very first and I had it for seven wonderful years. Let’s just say I am in a bit of a MOOD today. BUT! Good things are afoot…. 

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A mad scramble

I’m presently in a mad scramble to get myself to a very exciting place: KANSAS. But really, I am going to Kansas in June for Kij Johnson’s novel-writing workshop. How exciting is that? Myself and seven others will spend a fortnight fishbowling our prospective novels, and I’m staying for another two weeks for their ‘Repeat… 

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Awards Eligibility

It’s right about time for an awards eligibility post! I’ve published five shorts this year. They are: ‘Fert’, in Fablecroft’s anthology In Your Face. This is a story about a generation ship, choice and power. It’s only available in the anthology, so if you want to read it, please contact me and I can send you… 

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2016 in writing


This year, this year! While the world descends into a trash fire of head-shaking proportions, writing-wise I did pretty well this year. In January my first book, little Welcome To Orphancorp won the Victorian Premiers Award for YA Fiction. Winning that award totally shook my world. Not only was I just utterly surprised and delighted that… 

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To the Clarion West class of 2016


  To the Clarion West class of 2016, Herly shit, guys, you’re in week 2 already. It goes so fast. Doesn’t it go fast? I should know because my class was two years ago and I still can’t believe it’s over. Here’s some stuff I learned there, and some things I wish someone had told… 

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You can’t win ’em all


I’m not even sure if I mentioned it on here, but Welcome to Orphancorp was shortlisted for the NSW Premiers Award! And the ceremony was last night! …And I didn’t win! Alice Pung’s Laurinda took out the $30,000 Ethel Turner Prize. On travelling down to the ceremony, I thought maybe I’d not win, and sit there… 

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How do I even begin with Supanova?!? ARGH, IT WAS JUST SO GOOD. Supanova is a pop culture expo held all over Australia. It’s a must for cosplayers, fans, geeks and dorks of all kinds. There’s panels, stalls, art and celebrity guests, a whole bunch of guest authors – and this year I was asked to be one… 

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