A cat, a Very Good Cat.

Here’s the story of my cat: In 2001 when I was 19 and had just moved out of home, I decided to get a cat. I wanted a ginger kitten but when I went to the RSPCA, they only had a year-old-ish ginger cat, so I decided to… Read More


My dad passed away a few weeks ago. When I was up at his funeral everyone kept asking: ‘How are you?’ And I’d say, ‘Everything is great except for this.’ That’s how things are right now. Everything is going really well except my dad died. I wasn’t close… Read More

The Nerdvention: Contact 2016

I attended my first Natcon this year, Brisbane’s Contact. Not only did I get to attend, I got to participate as well, which is rad because watching stuff is fine, but doing stuff is way more fine, ya know? The weekend got off to a great start, because… Read More

Hugo Eligibility

Hugo nominations are now open, and I’ve got stories that are eligible! Me, me! If you’re a member of MidAmeriCon II, you can nominate and vote for your favourite stories of the year, some of which are hopefully mine. Follow this link, and nom away. I’ll be at… Read More

Hanging Out With Writers

Hanging out with writers is the best. This weekend I went to the masquerade ball that served as the launch for Isobelle Carmody’s The Red Queen. Not only did I get to hang out with the biggest, most fancy and stellar bunch of dorks in the known universe, but I… Read More

Welcome to Orphancorp

Last June, while freaking out just before Clarion, wondering where all those stories I was supposed to write were gonna come from, I typed three words into my ideas file: Welcome To Orphancorp. The rest is history. Nah, the rest is a lot of work in cafes in… Read More

Viva La Novella – The Results

This Friday the results of Seizure’s Viva La Novella prize are announced at the Melbourne Writers Festival. You might remember my novella Welcome To Orphancorp is shortlisted for this prize, so if you’re in Melbourne, come along! You might get to see me win a thing! You might… Read More

Going It Alone

  Hey beautiful jerks, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m writing to you from a futon in the corner of a living room on the twenty-seventh floor of a building that looks out over the city of Melbourne and down over the freeway to the ocean. The… Read More