The Nerdvention: Contact 2016

I attended my first Natcon this year, Brisbane’s Contact. Not only did I get to attend, I got to participate as well, which is rad because watching stuff is fine, but doing stuff is way more fine, ya know? The weekend got off to a great start, because… Read More

Write Around The Murray & meeting my idols

This weekend I got to experience something I hope to do far more in the future: my first writer’s festival. Early in the morning on Friday I slammed it on the V-line up to Albury for the Write Around the Murray festival, where a small launch had been… Read More

The Beach at Sihanoukville and The End

I didn’t picture Cambodia as having any of the typical tropical ‘holiday’ type areas, but when we got there, everyone told us take a few days in Sihanoukville to relax. After the bustle of Phnom Penh, this sounded ideal, so we boarded the bus ($12US) and took the… Read More

The Darker Side: The Killing Fields and S21

If you travel in Cambodia, you must take the time to find out about what the country has been through. Their violent history is so recent, so present. I remember when Pol Pot died – and after seeing the reality of The Killing Fields and S-21, I felt… Read More

The Boat to Phnom Penh & Bright Lights, Big City

I don’t think I’ve been this disinclined to blog since I started. Who could have ever thought I’d not be in a mood to talk about myself? It actually helps that I have my trip to talk about to help take some of the focus away from me.… Read More

Wonder, Dust and Sore Feet – The Temples of Siem Reap

For a lifelong worry-wart and nervous organiser like me, this trip was a real step outside my comfort zone. Luckily for me (?!?) being kinda bleh filled me with a decided sense of ‘whatever’ that was actually very helpful. It allowed me to stop worrying and just relax… Read More

Cambodia: Part One – Siem Reap

I’m not sure how we came up with Cambodia: I’ve always wanted to see Angkor Wat and L had travelled to a bunch of surrounding South East Asian countries, but not into Cambodia. I think it was the Groupon Coupon for the three-day resort stay at the the… Read More