My dad passed away a few weeks ago. When I was up at his funeral everyone kept asking: ‘How are you?’ And I’d say, ‘Everything is great except for this.’ That’s how things are right now. Everything is going really well except my dad died. I wasn’t close… Read More

So that was 2014…

  I don’t blog much at the moment because I’m busy working my two casual jobs and writing my butt off or alternatively, procrastinating about writing and being distracted by all the beautiful dirtbags everywhere here in Melbourne… Anyway, somewhere in there it became a new year. 2015!… Read More

And now for something completely different…

  I’m interrupting my schedule of trying to write as much as I can about the Clarion West experience before I forget too many details to inform you all of some stuff. Okay, so I’m not saying that my life needs to be all adventures all the time,… Read More

Clarion West 2014: Part 1

I’m home. I’m home! Shit. Do you know how hard it’s been to even start these posts? Do you? It’s like trying to describe something intangible, like pinning words to smoke or vapour. Gah. Look, I’ll try. I can’t promise sense or anything. I remember waiting in the… Read More

It all happened so quickly…

Apparently it’s 9.30pm but to me it feels like about two in the afternoon, tomorrow.  Confused? I’m here! In Seattle! In the Clarion West house! Yesterday (was it yesterday? Or the day before? Shit, I have no idea, I’m jetlagged to the point of delirium right now…) Anyway,… Read More

32 Days

Guys, guys – this time next month I’ll be a bunch of hours into a fourteen hour flight, no doubt already starting to get antsy. Did you know I can’t sleep on planes? True story. Well, kinda true. I’ll toss and turn (as much as one can do… Read More