Victorian Premiers Literary Awards

Every time something good happens with Orphancorp I feel, for a moment, like some baffled, daffy uncle, bumbling around all like, ‘who me? My book? Really?’ Not because I don’t realise the book is good. It is! It’s fun and precisely written and emotional and current and tense. It’s all those things because I worked really hard to… 

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Write Around The Murray & meeting my idols


This weekend I got to experience something I hope to do far more in the future: my first writer’s festival. Early in the morning on Friday I slammed it on the V-line up to Albury for the Write Around the Murray festival, where a small launch had been organised for the two speculative Viva La… 

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Welcome to Orphancorp


Last June, while freaking out just before Clarion, wondering where all those stories I was supposed to write were gonna come from, I typed three words into my ideas file: Welcome To Orphancorp. The rest is history. Nah, the rest is a lot of work in cafes in three different cities (Seattle, Melbourne, Sydney and… 

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Viva La Novella – The Results


This Friday the results of Seizure’s Viva La Novella prize are announced at the Melbourne Writers Festival. You might remember my novella Welcome To Orphancorp is shortlisted for this prize, so if you’re in Melbourne, come along! You might get to see me win a thing! You might get to buy me a celebratory vodka,… 

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The Walking Thing


I grew up in a small town. Mine hugged the ocean, but they can be anywhere. Small towns are like islands. The roads in and out, like life rafts. When you grow up in a small town and everyone knows everyone, it’s really hard to get away with anything. Once, at sixteen, I lit a cigarette and… 

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Shit Gets Real


Who is this magnificent beast? What’s that she’s holding? That delicious jumble of black shapes up there is the first lot of words I’ve ever been able to swindle into print. How exciting! And I was in the right place at the right time (that is, in Melbourne and not working) to attend the sneak-preview launch at… 

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Hear Me Roar


Hey there, lovelies. Just a quick humblebrag to let you know that one of my Clarion application pieces, Clara’s, is coming out in Ticonderoga Publications Hear Me Roar Anthology. This collection is about kick-ass women doing kick-ass shit. Clara’s is a tale of adventure, escape and powdered eggs in a lonely diner on a post-apocalyptic… 

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Stuff by my friends: Inter-Exo by Julie Steinbacher


From our first frank conversation about the kind of women we were, I knew Julie and I would be friends. She’s a beautiful writer, and amazing person and I am so glad that we continue to be friends at such a distance. You’re the best, Julieface! Today, her story from Week 5 at Clarion West… 

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Viva La Novella 2015


I feel like every post I make these days is more ‘humble-bragging about some writing thing I have going’ and less ‘voicing my many, many thoughts and feelings to the greater public in an irresponsible fashion’. I suppose that’s a good thing. Is that a good thing? TELL ME, INTERNET! So, to the several weirdos… 

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So that was 2014…


  I don’t blog much at the moment because I’m busy working my two casual jobs and writing my butt off or alternatively, procrastinating about writing and being distracted by all the beautiful dirtbags everywhere here in Melbourne… Anyway, somewhere in there it became a new year. 2015! Who knew? It’s like the future or… 

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