Awards Eligibility

It’s right about time for an awards eligibility post! I’ve published five shorts this year. They are: ‘Fert’, in Fablecroft’s anthology In Your Face. This is a story about a generation ship, choice and power. It’s only available in the anthology, so if you want to read it, please contact me and I can send you… 

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2016 in writing


This year, this year! While the world descends into a trash fire of head-shaking proportions, writing-wise I did pretty well this year. In January my first book, little Welcome To Orphancorp won the Victorian Premiers Award for YA Fiction. Winning that award totally shook my world. Not only was I just utterly surprised and delighted that… 

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America, land of the free-brave, Part 2


My trip! It continues. Late in my trip to New York I met up with the lovely Jill Pantozzi from The Nerdy Bird who I met for the first time when she was a guest of honor at Contact Convention in Brisbane earlier this year. We talked work and tattoos and some feminism and nerdery… 

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To the Clarion West class of 2016


  To the Clarion West class of 2016, Herly shit, guys, you’re in week 2 already. It goes so fast. Doesn’t it go fast? I should know because my class was two years ago and I still can’t believe it’s over. Here’s some stuff I learned there, and some things I wish someone had told… 

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You can’t win ’em all


I’m not even sure if I mentioned it on here, but Welcome to Orphancorp was shortlisted for the NSW Premiers Award! And the ceremony was last night! …And I didn’t win! Alice Pung’s Laurinda took out the $30,000 Ethel Turner Prize. On travelling down to the ceremony, I thought maybe I’d not win, and sit there… 

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My dad passed away a few weeks ago. When I was up at his funeral everyone kept asking: ‘How are you?’ And I’d say, ‘Everything is great except for this.’ That’s how things are right now. Everything is going really well except my dad died. I wasn’t close to my dad. When we reconnected, both… 

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