A cat, a Very Good Cat.

Here’s the story of my cat: In 2001 when I was 19 and had just moved out of home, I decided to get a cat. I wanted a ginger kitten but when I went to the RSPCA, they only had a year-old-ish ginger cat, so I decided to meet her. She launched herself out of the cage, into my arms, meowing and rubbing her face desperately against mine. I fell in love right away. I named her Hello Kitty.


She was such a good cat – very loving, talkative and sweet. She loved to sit on the front balcony and watch the street, never strayed far from the yard. When I approached the house she’d pop out of the open front window and yell her greetings. She ADORED me and always wanted to be near me, which I loved, though it also drove me a little crazy. Kitty stayed with me through 15 house-moves. Anytime I moved, all I needed to do was put her litter and scratching post into the house and she knew it was hers. She spent every night in my bed, curled up in my arms or in the space made by my bent legs. As she got older, she calmed down, but never lost her talkative ways.

She often had disasters – abcesses from getting into fights, injuries from falling off fences and wardrobes, but she always came through. She’d fall in love with my boyfriends and flatmates and they with her. She was special, and everyone who met her would tell me I had a Very Good Cat. There were times in my life when I was lost, or very mentally ill, or totally friendless, and she was my best little friend through it all. She saw me through some really tough times. There were times when I couldn’t afford to feed myself, but I always made sure she had food, and she was always voraciously hungry. She loved stinky fish, cheese and doritos.

When we moved to Melbourne, she cried for the first two hours of driving, and then decided that we lived in the car now, calmed down and chilled for the next ten hours. We moved in with Sally, who loved her so much and who she particularly loved back.

She went up and down over the last few years, but stayed as loving and sweet as always. She was happy in her old age, getting snugs, lying in the sun in the backyard, stretching out under the heater, curled up under my blankets. She woke me up every morning at four am by poking her little paw into my eyelid, and if I turned over away from her, she’d brush my hair with her claws until I got up.

Just before she died, she came inside, ate a little cheese, got kisses from Sally and I, then went back out to lie out on the shady pavers.

She died doing what she loved, sleeping all stretchy in the shade and I can’t have asked for a better way for her to go. I’ll think of her and miss her forever. Vale Hello Kitty, the best cat to ever cat. I had almost seventeen years with my girl, and I’m grateful for every single one.

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    Oh Marlee, this brought tears to my eyes. I’m so so sorry for your loss but I’m also glad she chose you and you got to spend almost 17 years together and make wonderful memories. And I’m happy she passed away peacefully, doing what she loved. I love your tattoo of her – an eternal reminder. And I’m sure she’ll continue to watch over you from across the rainbow bridge. Pets are amazing and they bring so much joy into our lives and the unconditional love they give us can never be matched in my opinion. Big hugs to you!

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