What I wrote in 2017

2017, hey? What a garbage fire of a year, like, globally.

But I did get some words out there. Some.

This year was one that was marked by incredible world instability, but a distinct mental stability that I’d never felt before. Meds! For a while there they were working a little too well, and instead of the rushing thoughts I’d lived with all my life, sometimes I’d actually have no thoughts at all in my head. Not ideal for anyone, let alone a writer. So, in June I halved my dosages and aside from a little breakthrough hypomania, I’m feeling really great, with an acceptable number of head thoughts now.

This year I did a lot of the work of being a writer, and less of actually writing. I did panels, presented workshops, judged prizes, attended cons, got to do Supanova again, this time with my fella Corey J White by my side.


All extremely wonderful and fulfilling, but I did feel like something was lacking… like, the words.

Onto the words: this year I had three stories published.

‘Starving To Death In Brunswick West‘, in Slink Chunk Press, August 2017, a story based on the idea that my flatmate and I would starve in an emergency situation, based on the contents of our cupboards.

The Great House Thrippet, Season 246, Episode 12’, in Aurealis Magazine, Issue 102, July 2017 is a satire on reality television, envisioning a future where the protagonists contract is signed by her birth and her life is all marketing and ratings, planned to the nth degree by producers.

The Rainmaker Goddess, Hallowed Shaz, in FeminartsyApril, 2017 is a little piece about a goddess, guns and revenge.

Plus, my big work of last year, the second book in the Mirii Mahoney trilogy came out in May! Psynode took me three re-writes and almost a year to complete. People seem to like it, and are happy to see Mirii’s adventures continue. You can read a great review of it at Books and Publishing and see what the people think over at Goodreads.

All this year I’ve been working on the final in the series, which is yet untitled but commonly referred to (by me) as ‘Orphancorp 3 (Really, really not set in Orphancorp)’. I worked on it at home, as well as at Kij Johnson’s novel-writing workshop at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. I’m this close to finishing it, and have set myself the deadline of December 31st. Keep me to it!

Finally, I posted all my stories that were previously only available in anthologies and print. You can read them here:

Fert’, from In Your Face  through Fablecroft Publishing

Clara’s, from Hear Me Roar, through Ticonderoga Press

The Beasts and the Birthday, from Aurealis Magazine, Issue 90

Atavistacular, from Andromeda Spaceways Magazine, Issue 64


I hope to see your 2017 round-up!

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