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A friend was telling me today that she remembers the point where I decided to rewrite Psynode. I’d read an article the night before that just fit in so well with the story and I knew, I knew that I needed to scrap what I had and rewrite it better. She said she’d love to have read some of the articles that I read to inform my writing of Welcome To Orphancorp and Psynode. So here are some links!

Welcome To Orphancorp

I read widely for this one, but some of the main inspiration and information that I got was from the following articles:

‘Ceausescu’s children’ –  The Guardian

‘Half a million kids survived Romania’s ‘slaughterhouses of souls.’ Now they want justice.’  – Pri

”Myths Over Miami – Miami New Times

‘The Forgotten Children: National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention’ –



‘I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave’ – Mother Jones

‘The Real Cost of Asos’s Fast Fashion’ – Buzzfeed

‘Life In The Tunnels’ – ABC


I look forward to posting another one of these when I finish part three of the Mirii Mahoney series. Stay tuned!

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