A launch and new fiction

Heya babes.

I’m in a bit of a misery pit because yesterday someone rear-ended me and wrote off my car. I loved my car – it was my very first and I had it for seven wonderful years. Let’s just say I am in a bit of a MOOD today.

BUT! Good things are afoot. The launch for Psynode is next month! You can come! I promise to be awkward and weird, but also happy because I worked my ass off on this book – you may remember that I rewrote it three times. Here are the details of the launch on the facebook event page:

Psynode Launch!


Secondly, I have a new fiction piece in Feminartsy! The story is called ‘The Rainmaker Goddess, Hallowed Shaz’. I wrote it on a rainy day in a little shotgun house in Treme, New Orleans. You can read it here.

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