A mad scramble

I’m presently in a mad scramble to get myself to a very exciting place: KANSAS.

But really, I am going to Kansas in June for Kij Johnson’s novel-writing workshop. How exciting is that? Myself and seven others will spend a fortnight fishbowling our prospective novels, and I’m staying for another two weeks for their ‘Repeat Offenders’ workshop, to further develop the story. (And, I’m going all that way, so… may as well.)

I’m madly applying for grants, saving, working my butt off to get the $ together for this trip (which also includes two little side-jaunts to NY and Seattle to see some of my favourite people, because you can’t go to the North American continent and not see your friends there.)

It’s hard, but will be worth it. I’ve not seen a work through to novel-length and I’m super keen to gain some skills to push my work that little bit harder. Any workshop led by Kij Johnson will propel your work forward, she is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had (as you might remember, she was my week 2 Clarion West instructor) and I can’t wait to learn from her again.

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