2016 in writing

This year, this year!

While the world descends into a trash fire of head-shaking proportions, writing-wise I did pretty well this year.

In January my first book, little Welcome To Orphancorp won the Victorian Premiers Award for YA Fiction. Winning that award totally shook my world. Not only was I just utterly surprised and delighted that people seemed to like it, but the prize money changed my life. I was able to pay off all my debts and living free of huge bills has been like chucking away an anvil that I had to carry around everywhere.


Orphancorp was also nominated for a bunch of other awards: The NSW Premiers Award, an Aurealis Award, and The Norma K Hemming Award. It was such an honour to be nominated.

I attended a bunch of conventions and festivals – Contact in Brisbane, Continuum in Melbourne, The Melbourne Writers Festival, The National Young Writers Festival, The Digital Writers Festival – and I got to meet amazing people, participate in panels and readings and hold workshops.

In April I was invited to be a guest author at Supanova, where I met some of the best folks ever and had a blast on author alley.


Using some of my VPLA prize money, in July I went to the USA: Portland, Seattle, Detroit, New York, Raleigh, New Orleans and finally Kansas City to attend the World Science Fiction Convention, where I spent time with my Clarion West 2014 buddies and some of the finest Speculative Fiction authors the world has to offer.


I caught about a million planes to do all this stuff, and you’ll be disappointed to know that I’m still petrified of flying.

In actual words terms, I had five stories published: ‘The Structure’ in Slink Chunk, ‘Phasing In, Phasing Out’ in The Sockdolager, ‘The Beasts and the Birthday’ in Aurealis, ‘Atavistacular’ in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine, and ‘Fert’ in the anthology In Your Face. I finished the sequel to OrphancorpPsynode and it’s out in May next year.


I hope I keep up this momentum next year, and I hope everyone had a wonderful year in 2016.

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  1. Marisa Wikramanayake
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    Yay! I’m going to do a writing wrap up too now. It is officially a bandwagon now I guess. But the year has been good for writers I think and I’m so thrilled that your next book is done and on its way! 🙂

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