America, Land of the Free-Brave Part 3

I never posted about the rest of my US trip, because I am terrible and so bad at blogging these days.

The last part of our journey took us to Kansas City in Missouri for Worldcon!

Note when travelling to KC, MO: the sky is so big. I can’t explain it, you just have to see it for yourself.

Back onto topic: Worldcon is the World Science Fiction Convention, and it’s held at a different convention every year. This year’s took place at MidAmeriCon. There were panels, talks, The Hugo Awards and books, books, books. I bought more books here than anywhere else in the US and I bought a LOT of books in the US, so many that we had to send some home at an exorbitant price to make room in our bags.

I didn’t get to as many panels as I would have liked, and I ALWAYS, ALWAYS left before question time – it’s a habit of mine that proves itself as utterly valid every time I make the mistake to stay for it. NO RAGRETS.

The most important part of Worldcon for me was meeting up with friends, making new friends, seeing all the wonderful people who make up the SFF community the world over. Speaking of friends, did I mention I stayed with a group of my 2014 Clarion Westies? I DID AND IT WAS WONDERFUL.


The best times I had there were with friends, new and old – writers drinks both formal and informal with Kij Johnson, breakfast at a greasy spoon with James Patrick Kelly, Uber-ing around KC with my Clarions.


We also managed to sneak into George RR Martin’s Hugo Losers Party. Free booze!


Worldcon was wonderful, and though I’m not sure I’ll be back next year (I’ve got other plans!), I’d recommend it to any giant dorks and sci-fi weirdos out there, especially if you’ve got a rad band of old friends with which to share it.


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