Travels: New York!


I’m in New York! City of dreams. Of course, I’ve been here one day and I’ve re-sprained my ankle (after spraining it first five or so days ago.) I fell right on my ass on my way to a ‘Pin & Patch’ festival where I was really hoping to score some rad new patches but instead I had to come home and order some crutches.

New York is amazing. Loud and busy and so many different kinds of people. I really love it here. I’m hoping I can get out and explore more, because this is a crazy and beautiful place.


I’ve done some rad vintage shopping in the US. Above: denim vest in Portland, bustier and ‘weird’ tank from Seattle, bustier and leather backpack from NY.


So this is me now: not exploring the city, but sitting and icing my foot. My crutches come in tomorrow and then I’ll be back up, getting out into the city and seeing the sights, visiting friends, going to meetings.

Much love to you all.

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