Patreon: supporting the creators and maybe me as well…



I don’t know how or why, or what even, but I made a Patreon page.

You can find it here!


Why? Didn’t I win that prize? AREN’T I RICH NOW?

The short answer is: no.

I pad off my debts with that money – debts I incurred going to Clarion, paying for my extremely expensive elderly cat’s monthly vet bills, fixing my teeth, fixing my car, and a little bit of frivolous past spending. Oh, and with my winnings I also bought a new bed, and paid for a bit of my trip to the US later this year (and how fucking lucky am I that I got to do all that? SO LUCKY.)

But my day-to-day finances are a disaster. Even busting my butt, I’m not breaking even, and I cannot keep working at work and at writing at the rate that I am now. My body and brain put a stop to that by having utter burnout meltdowns. I get shingles. I get Migraines. I get stress hives. My mental illness gets outta control. I am in the midst of one of these burnouts right now. It’s not been pretty.

Something’s gotta give.

Writing is hard, and it takes time. It’s not cheap (I could give you a list of the expenses I’ve incurred in the past year if you like!) and the average Australian author makes $12,900 a year from their writing (here’s the report into that.) I had a good year this year, but I won’t win ’em all, you know.

So I made a Patreon.

I’m not super established and I don’t expect it to be the answer to my money woes. But where I am at, anything will help.

I value creators, and I think they need to be more valued. I put my (extremely limited) money where my mouth is by supporting as many artists as I can afford to. BECAUSE WHAT THEY DO HAS VALUE! And you know what? What I do has value too.

If you got a spare buck,  you could support me, or support your other favourite writers, or artists, or musicians. What people create has value, and in this climate (what with the potential devastation of the arts by recent cuts in funding and various holy-crap possible initiatives) they need your help more than ever.


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