I Read Too Bloody Fast.

Books, books, books, books.

I read too fast for my own good.

Not in the ‘Oh, I’m such a fast reader, I just read too many books,’ way. More like: “I devour books so fast that they are often over long before I want them to be and I also tend to miss things in my avid pursuit of making the story fly past my eyes like a fast-paced film or something.’

Yeah, just like that.

It took longer for me to read Wool than usual not because I was able to reign in my reading speed, more because it was a long novel and I didn’t have much time for reading past the usual two hours per day on my commute – which to some people is way more time than they have aside for reading. Me? I would read for hours more each day if I could find time for it. My favourite unrealistic daydream is being paid to lie around, drink coffee and read all day. Biscuits may also be involved. I would probably need to get several more cats too, to loll about with me. Hey, it’s a very specific daydream.  I can fantasize, can’t I?

I’ve got one lolling cat, by my estimates I’ll probably need about three more…

Often I find myself turning the page and scanning down to see whats coming. It’s as if I’m so caught in the pace that I can’t be bothered with mere description or exposition, I need action! I guess this is another manifestation of my impatience – a trait I am working very hard to eliminate from my otherwise large collection of colourfully wacky and oftentimes annoying personality traits.

Sometimes (and I shudder to admit this and what it probably reveals about me) but if I am really excited about a book and completely devour it,  I will sometimes start reading it again right away, because I know in my fervour that I have likely missed a great deal of important aspects of the story. Or if I don’t do this, on re-reading the book at a later date, I’ll find whole events I don’t remember. Mid-book I’ll often catch myself at the end of the page and make myself go back because I know I have seen the words, but I haven’t absorbed them properly. I get far too caught up in what will happen next to concentrate on what is happening now.

More, more!

When I can control myself enough to read fast while still absorbing the words properly, then I know I have an enviable ability (well, enviable if you are a huge book-dork like myself) in being able to read so quickly. The narrative plays out… not quite in real-time, not quite like a movie, but something like that. And I think it’s one of the reason why I enjoy reading so much. Several friends of mine who don’t read for recreation say it is because they read too slowly for the process to be enjoyable – that they can’t get the events to flow in a timely manner and become frustrated.

Do you read fast as well? Do you wish you could read faster?
Or would you like to be able to slow down a bit, enjoy and absorb the story more?

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  1. Rachel
     ·  Reply

    Perhaps a benefit of your desire to get to the ‘point’ or finish the plot contributes to your writing style. Its really punchy and fast paced. As someone who also likes to just gobble up a book as fast as possible – I can be easily bored with writing – I wasn’t with yours. I want more!

    • woahmolly
       ·  Reply

      Thanks Rachel! The whole being greedy thing contributing to my writing style…maybe! Sometimes when I write there’s a lot to see, but not a lot happens, if you know what I mean? Reading and writing for me are as different as night and day, but I really think I should bring some of that ‘greediness’ to my writing.

  2. Zen
     ·  Reply

    Your fantasy sounds like something I would love, too. Though in mine I get paid to just eat chocolate all day, haha.

    I don’t read too fast, but I’m not slow either. However, sometimes I come across a book that makes me devour it at a fast pace and sometimes miss things…. like a chapter in The Night Circus. Fortunately I realised my error before any damage was done!

    • woahmolly
       ·  Reply

      I’ve never gone as far as missing a whole chapter, but often I’ll miss whole important events or someone saying something that is pivotal to the story, and then I get lost.

      In my fantasy scenario there is also a great deal of chocolate.

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